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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Marines Look Beyond LAVs as Recon Roles Expand | USNI

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In the Pacific area, the marines are investigating an autonomous vehicle plan.

The Marine Corps intends to test methods for conducting reconnaissance and counter reconnaissance in a maritime setting. The Pentagon continues its transition toward possible operations in the Indo-Pacific. However, the agency claims it cannot rely only on ground vehicles to complete the surveillance task. It is insufficient to rely only on armored ground vehicles for reconnaissance, particularly in complicated littoral situations. Marine Corps Cmdr. Richard Heckl states that the service’s attempts to replace outdated LAVs with unmanned vehicles are ineffective in the Indo-Pacific.

As part of its Force Design 2030 project, the Corps has disposed of some of its heavier equipment, such as tanks, and invested in capabilities like anti-ship missiles. The paper states, “We must continuously enhance this approach to assure its operational suitability and logistical support.” Watson said that the Marines need a plan that incorporates cyber and other non-kinetic aspects. “We must vary our methods of gaining ground,” he stated. Heckl said that the MEF Information Groups would likely play a crucial role in reconnaissance operations.

The Marines had instructed to leverage the efforts of Task Force 61 Naval Amphibious Forces Europe/2nd Marine Division. The modification states, “Mobile reconnaissance battalions are not required to be mirrored.” It would combine human and unmanned platforms for a variety of operations. The revision also requires the Marines to transition their light armored reconnaissance brigades from infantry to mobile reconnaissance units.

Source: https://news.usni.org/2022/05/20/marines-look-beyond-lavs-as-recon-roles-expand

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