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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Managers, What Are You Doing About Change Exhaustion? | HBR

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Four methods that leaders may use to assist their team or business in overcoming change fatigue

Change weariness is characterized as apathy toward or being overwhelmed by an excessive number of organizational changes in a short period. According to Gartner, workers’ capacity to adapt to change in 2020 will be half of its pre-pandemic. Leaders must acknowledge that change weariness is a communal problem that must be handled collaboratively. Leaders may use four practices to assist their team or organization in jointly combating change weariness. According to Gartner’s analysis, personal adjustments on a smaller scale are 2.5 times more exhausting than significant transformative changes like mergers or acquisitions.

Meeting with both the employee and the new boss might make people feel less alone. Reframe the problem by having your team complete the sentence, “I am a person who is learning to____.” Amid ambiguity, we must work extra hard to choose our next course of action. At NASA, teams refer to plans as “Plans from which we deviate” – the idea is to plan but not to see our goals as fixed. Maintaining a more adaptable mentality throughout the planning process may help your team feel less irritated when things inevitably change.

Numerous studies demonstrate that rituals or routines may significantly reduce our stress levels during uncertainty. Researchers discovered that regardless of the way, merely doing the same action simultaneously may boost our mental health. According to an organizational expert, teams should consider the following: How can we include rituals in our daily lives?



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