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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Making Social Media Management Simpler with Five Free Basic Tools | Entrepreneur

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More so than its traditional scope of use, social media’s growth has allowed organizations and companies to focus more of their marketing and communication efforts on previously untapped consumer areas. 

If businesses and marketing teams are not properly educated, managing direct social interactions on social media platforms can be a difficult endeavor. Numerous factors make it crucial to support social media marketing and administration with the appropriate personnel and equipment. Social media is seen by many businesses as more than just a tool for basic interaction; rather, it is a platform from which they can market new goods and services, boost sales, increase brand awareness, provide social commerce options, and create brand awareness among both their target market and the general public. 

  • Later 
  • Buffer 
  • TweetDeck 
  • Friends+Me 
  • CoSchedule 

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/growth-strategies/making-social-media-management-simpler-with-five-free-basic/441757 



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