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Friday, December 2, 2022

Life in a Far-Flung Corner of the Taliban Emirate | The Diplomat

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Since the Taliban seized power in the nation, conditions in previously Taliban-controlled areas have improved, yet some issues still exist.

Even though Afghans in these remote regions try to be as self-sufficient as they can, they nevertheless rely on bazaars to buy some items, particularly clothing, cooking oil, salt, sugar, and tea. Saidullah, an elderly man who spent his entire life in Mumdesh, a hamlet tucked away in the enormous woodlands at the extreme end of the Daren Valley, recalled how difficult it was to reach the bazaar there before the revolution [Taliban takeover]. This is due to the frequent suspicion of insurgent activity against residents of Taliban-controlled areas. He added cheerfully,  “Now we can go without any issue,”  The same was echoed by others in the valley. In the previous 20 years, neither the coalition forces under American command nor the authorities of the former Afghan Republic have made many, if any, forays into the Daren Valley. The side valley that sneaks into the mighty Hindu Kush from the Kunar River in the eastern Afghan province with the same name is challenging to reach even in the best of circumstances. 

Source: https://thediplomat.com/2022/10/life-in-a-far-flung-corner-of-the-taliban-emirate/


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