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Friday, December 2, 2022

Left Of Beep: The United States Needs an Algorithmic Warfare Group | War on the Rocks

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There is a growing recognition in and around the Defense Department that the winning sides in future battles will be those who continue to take a bottom-up approach to invent, testing with, and fielding AI-based capabilities. It’s time to form a combined Algorithmic Warfare Group that will change the first AWG’s mantra of “left of boom” to “left of beep.”

The expected autonomy and robotics moves-countermoves of 2020s combat would be the emphasis of an “AWG 2.0.” The Asymmetric Warfare Group of the United States Army, which just cased its colors, was the inspiration for it.

The Asymmetric Warfare Group focused on helping the Army adapt during combat, from repelling modern threats such as drones or explosives in Iraq to pathfinding strategies for underground operations until it was shut down in 2020.

Source: https://warontherocks.com/2021/12/left-of-beep-the-united-states-needs-an-algorithmic-warfare-group/


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