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Monday, December 5, 2022

Ken Rhee says his time in Ukraine was worth the possible jail sentence | Korea JoongAng Daily

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In March, the controversial YouTuber Ken Rhee entered Ukraine and joined the war-torn nation’s volunteer forces to fight against the Russian invasion. The Korean government established a travel restriction on Ukraine on February 13 owing to rising tensions in the area, rendering Rhee’s activities unlawful. Earlier this month, while under quarantine, Rhee had an exclusive video interview with the Korea JoongAng Daily. Until his release in 2014, Rhee served as a lieutenant in the Korean Navy’s Naval Special Warfare Flotilla, commonly known as UDT/SEAL. In 2020, he gained widespread recognition after acting as a strict drill teacher on the military-themed YouTube series “Fake Men.” In March, Rhee wrote on Instagram that he and two other males had left Korea for Ukraine. They returned to Korea before Rhee and will likewise be punished.

Rhee anticipates that formal letters from Ukrainian officials may be helpful in some capacity. “I believe these letters or a phone call from a Ukrainian lawmaker will prompt the Korean embassy to advocate on my behalf,” he stated. Rhee: I have a plan already. I will likely publish a book about what transpired.




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