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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Just Let It Eat! Welcome to the 2022 International Sniper Competition | Coffee or Die

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Four warriors from the enemy unit dispersed, moving as swiftly as any soldier on Earth could while wearing full gear. 

They rushed between the cover and concealment of walls, cars, and logs, never being in the open for more than a few seconds, as their training had taught them to do. Starting from a small, huddled group, they dashed in opposing directions so they could not all be targeted at once. In search of the Americans, they moved toward a structure 200 meters distant. In the building, two troops rushed up two flights of stairs and collapsed on a concrete floor, aiming their sniper rifles at the assailants through gaps in the wall. With their unaided eyes, the two combed the field of rubble. The Americans raised their spotting scopes to their eyes when they noticed the approaching enemy fighters. The robot-killing exercise was one of 23 precision shooting competitions that were staged over five days at the end of March by the US Army Special Operations Command. Over the course of a week, 21 two-man teams from the best special operations groups in the US and abroad competed on more than a dozen ranges on Fort Bragg to demonstrate their proficiency. Military teams from each Army Special Forces unit, Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, and sniper instructors from all three service branches were among the US contestants. Teams from the Coast Guard and US Secret Service were also present on the scene. International teams included members of the 1st SAS of France, KSK of Germany, Korps Commandotroepen of the Netherlands, and special operators from Italy and Switzerland.



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