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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Just beyond Ukraine’s battlefields, NATO’s elite forces prepare for what could come next | CBC

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NATO Special Forces are conducting training exercises in Eastern Europe to improve the capacity of member nations to cooperate against a shared enemy. Special Forces transformed a two-lane roadway into a makeshift airstrip to evacuate a fake injured soldier in Latvia. The exercises were part of Trojan Footprint, a multinational exercise involving over 3,300 unique and conventional personnel from 30 nations.

Thursday, Finland announced that it would officially request to join NATO, with Sweden anticipated to follow suit the following week. NATO drills in Romania are intended to demonstrate to Russia that its special forces are capable of a pivot similar to Russia’s conflict in Ukraine. NATO nations, including Canada, have provided Ukraine with weaponry, ammunition, and funds, but their soldiers have not entered the battle directly.

According to their statements, Special Forces troops are fascinated by the use of drones by their Ukrainian colleagues against the Russians. According to one of the Special Forces medics engaged in the planning, the Wolfhound aircraft landing on the highway was also influenced by Ukraine’s experiences.

The Latvian exercise used a robotic patient that may be programmed to replicate certain wounds that need to be treated by medical personnel. The lifelike characteristics of the mannequin, including the fact that it blinks, breathes, bleeds, and urinates, increase the urgency faced by medical personnel.

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/ukraine-nato-special-operations-1.6452144


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