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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Jamestown Raises Alarm About Lack of US Naval Presence in Black Sea Despite Growing Russian Threats to Ukraine | Jamestown Foundation

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The Jamestown Foundation today expressed alarm about what appear to plan for a major ground and naval assault on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast, following the latest addition of six landing ships to the Russian Black Sea fleet and intensive troop movements by Russian forces in northern Crimea. President Glen Howard of Jamestown is concerned that no US or other non-littoral NATO vessels are currently operating in the Black Sea, and none appear to be on the way. This glaring omission severely limits NATO and Ukraine’s capacity to resist the Kremlin on this crucial naval front. Former Supreme Allied Commander Philip Breedlove, a Jamestown board member, echoed these fears, saying that the military buildup in Crimea “has all the hallmarks of a prospective amphibious attack on Ukraine.”

Soure: https://jamestown.org/press-releases/press-release-jamestown-raises-alarm-about-lack-of-us-naval-presence-in-black-sea-despite-growing-russian-threats-to-ukraine/


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