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Thursday, January 26, 2023

‘Jack Ryan’ Stars Share Behind-the-Scenes Stories About Season 3 Stunts | FOX 28

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Returning with some huge action scenes for its cast, notably star John Krasinski, is Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. 

The ensemble of Season 3’s Just Asking looks back on their behind-the-scenes stunt moments for TV Insider, teasing wild sequences and what actually transpired between them. While some tricks seem straightforward, like driving, others involve jumping into bodies of water when certain conditions are met. Krasinski, who portrays the title character, recalls a scene that wasn’t formally planned, as is to be expected. The actor shouts, “I was truly tossed out of a Black Hawk helicopter over the ocean. And that morning, the stuntmen did a fantastic job. 

Source: https://www.fox28spokane.com/jack-ryan-stars-share-behind-the-scenes-stories-about-season-3-stunts-video/ 


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