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Friday, December 9, 2022

ISA: Soldier Spies of the Intelligence Support Activity | Grey Dynamics

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The US Army’s Intelligence Support Activity (ISA), also known as the 1st Capabilities Integration Group (Airborne), or just “The Activity,” serves as a dedicated intelligence unit for SOCOM. 

Over the years, ISA has gone by a number of names, although the most recent one is not widely known. Contrary to many other US military special operations organizations, its focus is on covert and covert acts required to support other military operations rather than direct combat. Its reach is fairly broad, and it frequently assists JSOC, SOCOM, and even other intelligence organizations. Initially, the ISA functioned as the National Security Agency’s tactical division. The ISA now concentrates on preparing the battlespace for military operations around the world. Serving primarily as JSOC special mission units’ enablers. The necessity for the ISA, or a similar operational institution, was being considered years before its actual inception. With Robert McNamara’s support, the Department of Defense stated in 1965 that it needed to be more involved in gathering intelligence.The five main components of the ISA are administration, instruction, SIGINT, HUMINT, and direct action. There are four main battalions, and different duties are distributed among them. There are mission support teams, technical operations teams, and cyber operations teams inside these battalions. For the objective they were given, each of these organizations completes a variety of specialized tasks.



  1. The Phoenix program in Vietnam. What could go wrong?
    Had allot of skilled,dedicated operators, but not so dedicated leadership at the planning level. Alot of political scores got settled at the expense of the operators and innocent civilians


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