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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Investigation finds evidence of war crimes by UK Special Forces in Afghanistan | Peoples Dispatch

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The bloody conclusion of British special operations activities in Afghanistan

BBC Panorama’s four-year investigation uncovered evidence of war crimes committed by members of the Special Air Service (SAS) in Afghanistan. According to military estimates, one unit may have murdered 54 individuals during a single six-month deployment. Special security officials at the highest level were concerned about probable “illegal murders” but neglected to disclose them to military police. An investigation by the BBC discovered that SAS squadrons were racing to “achieve the most kills.” The regularity with which prisoners were allegedly carried into buildings and subsequently seized concealed firearms alarmed senior authorities.

Internal correspondence at the time referred to the squadron’s “latest carnage” and regarded these allegations as “unbelievable.” In 2011, an officer informed the head of the United Kingdom’s Special Forces that there was evidence of “planned deaths of persons even after they were restrained” and “creation of evidence to show a legitimate killing in self-defense.” The officer did not visit any raid sites or conduct interviews with civilian witnesses. In 2013, when the Royal Military Police initiated a murder inquiry, none of this material was provided.

Source: https://peoplesdispatch.org/2022/07/12/investigation-finds-evidence-of-war-crimes-by-uk-special-forces-in-afghanistan/


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