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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Indian Navy opens up special forces MARCOS for women in historic move |Pakistan Defence

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Senior officials familiar with the situation said on Sunday that the Indian Navy has decided to admit women into its elite special forces, allowing them to serve as commandos for the first time in any of the three defense services. 

The army, navy, and air force special forces are made up of some of the strongest soldiers who go through intense training, are capable of staging a quick and stealthy response in banned zones and have thus far been a male preserve. According to a second official, both female officers and sailors who join the service as Agniveers next year will have the option of volunteering to become Marcos. Women are now welcome in all sections of the navy, including special operations, aviation, and vessel tasks. It has grown into a power that is fully gender-neutral. 

Source: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/indian-navy-opens-up-special-forces-marcos-for-women-in-historic-move.758207/ 


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