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Thursday, December 1, 2022

In Ukraine, Two US Army Veterans See the New Face of War | SOF MAG

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Liam Collins and John Spencer- U.S Army Veterans and urban warfare experts were surprised by the culture of volunteerism in Ukraine and the level of commitment, they saw was encouraging.

The veterans became the core of a self-organized volunteer fighting group that moved to fight any Russians they could come across. The lesson of Ukraine is evident, the battlefield has moved beyond the conventional. Now it is being fought between regular armies, irregular forces, and civilians. The battlefield of Kyiv is a key site for understanding the story of where one of the first engagements took place. To accomplish that, they needed to not only visit the sites. But also, to hear the stories firsthand from the eyewitness. The volunteers at Bucha’s compound were not just telling them what they had done to defend it, but also that they were ready and expecting to defend it again.

Source: https://www.sofmag.com/in-ukraine-two-us-army-veterans-see-the-new-face-of-war/


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