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Monday, December 5, 2022

“I’m Addicted to Training, and I Have to Start My Day in the Gym.” Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Importance of Working Out| Sportskeeda

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Schwarzenegger is without a doubt a bodybuilding superstar who has inspired millions of people, particularly those who aspire to pursue careers in the industry. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Exercise: “I’m Addicted to Training, and I Have to Start My Day in the Gym.” In addition, Arnold Schwarzenegger later rose to prominence as a politician and philanthropist in addition to becoming one of Hollywood’s most successful actors and filmmakers. During his bodybuilding career, he was one of the youngest Mr. Olympia winners ever and won the title seven times thanks to his perseverance and commitment. Other than going to the gym and working out with superior athletes, it has always kind seemed



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