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Thursday, December 1, 2022

IDF begins drafting women to elite combat units in historic first | The Jerusalem Post

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Beginning this month, women will be enlisted for the first time into the IAF’s 669 Search and Rescue Unit, the IDF announced on Sunday. 

Before being drafted into combat roles in the elite search and rescue force, female candidates will go through a variety of physical and mental exams.  Female candidates for combat posts in the elite unit will go through a variety of physical and mental exams. Women were not allowed in the brigade until early this year, when IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-Gen. The integration of women received Aviv Kohavi’s approval.Once a year, the IAF’s 7th Wing for Special Forces conducts screenings for Unit 669 in accordance with the most recent operational needs that have been established by the chief medical officer, the chief infantry and paratroopers officer, and the IAF. To guarantee that the unit continues to fulfill its operational duties and the requisite standard of troops, all cadets will be obliged to comply with the operational conditions, even during training.




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