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Friday, March 24, 2023

I Tried Bryan Johnson’s Extreme ‘Age Reversing’ Diet | VICE

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Bryan Johnson, a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, is trying to reverse his biological age by spending $2 million a year. 

Johnson is 48 but claims his biological age is about five years younger, and for every calendar year, he only ages nine months. He regularly undergoes colonoscopies, MRI scans, and blood tests to determine his biological age, which is the age his cells are functioning based on averages across the world. His end goal is to have the biological age of an 18-year-old. Johnson’s Blueprint is his step-by-step guide for reversing biological aging, which includes diet, exercise, and testing. According to his website, following the Blueprint costs £16,791.26 a year, which is currently £322.91 a week. Johnson’s diet consists of 1,977 vegan calories and literally over a hundred supplements a day. Most of the supplements are not easy to find outside the U.S., and many of them cost far more than most people can afford. The writer of this article tried The Blueprint and found the morning drink, The Green Giant, to be “fucking minging,” but found the rest of the food to be fine. 



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