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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

I Do Bottle Service for a Las Vegas Nightclub and Can Make Thousands in Tips Each Night — But the Job Is A Lot Grosser Than People Realize | Entrepreneur

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This story is based on a conversation with 28-year-old Carrie Orozco, a model cocktail waitress at Omnia Nightclub inside Caesars Palace.

She became quite excited and started immediately working out and dieting to get herself ready for auditions. Since 2015, she has worked three days a week. She’s attended a Celine Dion concert. She’s been harassed as well. She advises networking in the industry and putting your best foot forward to secure a job as a bottle girl. She was working as a food server at what was once Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel but is now Virgin Hotels Las Vegas the summer before She was hired when Omnia posted an audition ad on social media.  At their venue, the bottle girls don’t drink, and occasionally, someone will really push it on you or simply remark, “I love your dress,” before grabbing it. She said her hourly tip compliance rate is so high, she enjoys working with the other girls a lot. That might turn off a lot of people, but she finds it to be appealing. They become her buddies. It has a very fun atmosphere. 




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