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Thursday, January 26, 2023

‘I am sure they will change’: Taliban swap guns for pens to learn about human rights | The Guardian

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A Humanitarian Organization is holding International Humanitarian Law Seminars for the Taliban.

Between international humanitarian law and the reality of armed conflict lies a legal chasm.

A two-day seminar on international humanitarian law (IHL) is being held in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, by the humanitarian organization Geneva Call. The majority of the 25 Taliban combatants converted to police officers have never been in a classroom; 60% are illiterate, and many have little or no schooling. “I will never longer attend hospitals armed,” says Barakatullah, 28, who served an eight-year jail sentence in Bagram. Around 60% of pupils are illiterate, and others have only attended religious lessons. Geneva Call transports between 200 and 400 passengers every month throughout Afghanistan, with around half of them military personnel.

The training’s effectiveness depends on adapting the content to local sensitivities, with each rule being connected to Islamic allusions. Maiwandi, like Barakatullah and Kefayatullah, exemplifies the value of Geneva Call’s teaching for young Taliban fighters who have only experienced violence.



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