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Monday, December 5, 2022

How Ukraine’s Special Forces and the International Legion walked on a river bottom to liberate a Kherson Oblast village | Euromaidan Press

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Ukrainian Special Operations Forces and the International Legion, consisting of foreign volunteers who joined the Ukrainian Army, conducted a Pirates-of-the-Caribbean type of operation to liberate a village in southern Ukraine from Russian occupation.

The Press Office of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces disclosed information about the operation and provided a first-person narrative from the Ukrainian Special Forces diver. To get to a settlement that Russians had taken over during the most recent Ukrainian attack in Kherson Oblast, he traversed the bottom of a river. In order to construct a fortified bastion, Russian military took control of locals’ homes in one of the villages in Kherson Oblast. Russian observation posts were to be destroyed, and a combined detachment of the Ukrainian 73rd Marine Special Operations Center and International Legion was ordered to move deeper behind enemy lines. The 73rd Marine Center troops used boats to enter the village, while the Special Forces unit of divers paved their path on the river’s bottom. The Ukrainian campaign to drive Russian soldiers from their bridgehead on the western side of the Dnipro river in Kherson and Mykolayiv Oblast of southern Ukraine was completed with the de-occupation of Kherson.



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