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Sunday, January 29, 2023

How Ukraine’s 1st Tank Brigade Fought A Russian Force Ten Times Its Size—And Won | Forbes

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The 1st Tank Brigade, perhaps the greatest tank unit in Ukraine, made it through the terrible assault that came before Russia’s larger invasion of Ukraine, which began early on February 24. 

Russian leaders reportedly believed the 1st Tank Brigade would be a simple target. The permanent garrisons of the majority of the 20 or so active units of the Ukrainian army were hit by Russian missiles and artillery. In the fields and forests surrounding Chernihiv, the 1st Tank Brigade’s 2,000 soldiers and roughly 100 T-64B and T-64BM tanks—some of the greatest tanks in the Ukrainian arsenal—were waiting. For several days, the 1st Tank Brigade harmed the 41st CAA before Russian commanders made the simple decision to skip Chernihiv. The Russians’ major objective was Kyiv. The 1st Tank Brigade “found itself surrounded” when Russian battalions passed by. 

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidaxe/2022/12/25/how-ukraines-1st-tank-brigade-fought-a-russian-force-ten-times-its-size-and-won/?sh=7dfa55c96c59 


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