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Friday, December 9, 2022

How to Stop Feeling Like An Imposter and Start Feeling Like You Belong | Entrepreneur

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It’s time to accept that everyone has experienced this at some point, especially if you’ve ever pretended that a bunch of people were your buddies or told someone they look amazing in those jeans when they truly look like they’re wearing a clown outfit. Even the most assured and experienced people occasionally have periods of uncertainty and worry that cause them to doubt their skills. Sadly, a lot of us let these qualms of uncertainty and dread get the better of us. Because we don’t always feel good about ourselves or our talents, we start to think there’s something wrong with us and we conceal those sentiments by telling ourselves how great we are without acknowledging what initially makes us feel that way. It takes us down a road where we constantly seek to increase our self-confidence with affirmations, but never actually confront the problem at hand: that occasionally things don’t go as planned since nobody’s life is perfect. Whatever is asserted to the contrary, your feelings are real. If, however, your persistent worry about the risk of failure and self-doubt prevent you from taking action that might improve your life, it might be beneficial to consult a therapist or coach who can assist you in processing your anxieties so they don’t dominate your life.



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