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Friday, December 9, 2022

How to make running feel easier: are you running too fast to reap the benefits? | Stylist

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It seems like everyone is beginning to support running more slowly, but how slowly is too slowly? Miranda Larbi, an editor at Strong Women and a runner, looks into it.

Fiona English, a certified UKA running coach who goes by the handle @englishruns, echoes this sentiment: “If you’re training for a fast 5k, running lots of kilometers at a slow pace isn’t always useful; it could wear you out and lower the speed you can find in your workouts. The majority of your training, though, might be made up of a combination of very slow runs and long hikes if you were preparing for a really long endurance race. The most crucial factor is that your training is personalized for you and your goals. Some instructors qualify this recommendation by pointing out that you can only run very slowly if you also run very quickly. According to Kim Clark, aka Trackbabe, a run coach and influencer, most of us miscalculate our training since we frequently perform fast runs too slowly and slow runs too quickly. According to Taylor, running more slowly strengthens your heart, creating a more powerful running “engine” for endurance without putting more strain on your muscles and joints.

Source: https://www.stylist.co.uk/fitness-health/workouts/make-running-feel-easier-slow/733164


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