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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

How To Look After Running Shoes | Coach Mag

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Emma Kirk Odunubi, an Under Armour athlete and footwear expert, offers advice on how to maintain your running shoes.

From a microbial sense, it’s crucial to keep them clean and to allow the shoe to air dry naturally after each use. Normal indoor conditions are great. The newspaper should be crumpled and placed into your shoe if it smells. Both moisture and odor will be absorbed. Or you may get these tiny sneaker balls(opens in new tab) and place them inside the shoes to keep them smelling fresh. Since the uppers of many shoes are heat-molded, placing them directly on a heat source like a radiator might cause some of the welded sections to relax and melt, which causes the shoe to lose its shape. How do you know when to replace them? One of the first signs that a shoe is worn out is if you have to knot your laces extremely tightly, and it is not comfortable. That is due to the top not adequately supporting your foot. Another indication is if you can no longer feel the cushioning beneath your feet and can only feel the ground when you are jogging.



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