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Sunday, January 29, 2023

How to Endure the Winters of a Life Sentence | Atmos

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Writing for The Frontline, a prisoner discusses how the winter helped him learn to traverse the seasons of light and dark, hope and despair.

In Pennsylvania, the air is now sharp. The chilly season has officially begun.  Prisoners in the general population have switched from baseball caps and short sleeves to wool hats, both of which are the same chocolate brown as the rest of our state-issued clothing. The State Correctional Institution at Fayette where he is serving a life sentence is shrouded in a gray haze and the trees have lost their leaves. Life can change much like the seasons. There are some sunny and bright days. It is advisable to attempt to find some joy in the season whether you’re inside or out in order to stay resilient and long-lasting like the pine trees. Source:https://atmos.earth/winter-life-sentence-prison-journalism-project/


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