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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How to Craft a Fulfilling Career | Kellogg

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By taking personal responsibility for your professional development, you may advance your career and boost your chances of earning a promotion.

A “gap in integrity” is a discrepancy between our professed principles and our actions. The author Carter Cast advocates doing frequent self-audits to maintain a closer alignment between your ideals and behaviors. Reflecting on what energizes and fulfills you is crucial for better job choices. If not, how can you build an atmosphere conducive to doing so? Do some hobbies demotivate you?

Can they be removed from your plate? Create an activity-by-activity audit to determine how you spend your time and what activities energize and deplete you. If your employment requires you to work long hours that adversely affect your family, establish clear limits to make work more acceptable: This may be having supper with your family a specific number of times per week or limiting the number of late-night phone calls you make accepted. “The majority of integrity lapses occur when our non-negotiables are ignored or never established,” explains Carter Cast.

Kevin Cast compiled a list of the qualifications he believed he needed to become chief marketing officer (CMO). Then, he developed an action plan to attempt to close his career’s skill gaps. Under “trade marketing and account selling,” Cast received an “F” because he had sufficient knowledge in this area and shadowed numerous effective sales managers. Their studies and experience assisted him in closing this gap. Try co-teaching a course with a seasoned professor to get insight into the job’s demands. Set up a meeting with a dean to see whether a more permanent position is available at the institution you want to join.

Source: https://insight.kellogg.northwestern.edu/article/integrity-gap-careers-values


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