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Friday, December 9, 2022

How Russia’s war with Ukraine has changed the face of military reconnaissance | Task and Purpose

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The military use cutting-edge technology to maintain an advantage over the opponent. This innovative technology makes advanced operations safer and more efficient.

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many observers and leaders are reevaluating current tactics and capabilities. Historically, this function was carried out by clandestine special operations units. Future battles in high-intensity localities will need a radical transformation of the personnel stockpile for urban, contested areas. To expose opponent paramilitary and hybrid actions, it will be necessary to use electronic warfare, cyber, and intelligence gathering technologies. No longer are noncommissioned officers responsible for low-visibility activities.

It was typical for ethnic attire to be combined with modern military equipment in Afghanistan. Due to the present function of advanced teams in metropolitan environments, any visible military association will quickly compromise an operator.

Advance operations in the current paradigm will occur as often, if not more frequently, on the networks of future conflict zones. Disruption will become the new norm for advanced teams in armed conflict, but its impacts will not necessarily culminate in a precision-guided munition from a conveniently lurking asset above.

Tactical cyber operations are a weapon for generating adverse circumstances for enemies. Effectively detecting and gathering intelligence on hybrid warfare actions, such as Russian special troops in Ukraine creating false flags to instigate confrontation, may be accomplished by advance forces. Reconnaissance takes on a new, much more intricate flavor, and collecting data from a reliable source is crucial. Equipping advance troops for disputed places, fighting misinformation, and exploiting opponent hybrid actions will ensure the continued effectiveness of this distinct branch of special warfare in future battles.

Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/opinion/russia-war-ukraine-military-reconnaissance/


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