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Friday, December 9, 2022

How I discovered how to stop worrying and re-discover the old Stoic philosophy | Salon

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This may sound apparent, but the fundamental tenet of our practice is that we should direct our attention and efforts toward controlling the things that we can control.

There are a lot of things and things we wish to happen. We want to look better, earn a promotion, and make friends with our neighbors. But for many of us, these goals remain unfulfilled, leaving us to feel unworthy, disappointed, and stuck. Even more so than not getting what we want, receiving what we don’t want can be terrible. Here is a great insight into the ancient philosophy of Stoicism: Shaping your character is ultimately the only thing under your control. So in order to exploit your good luck and cope with bad luck, it is necessary to be a good person. Through a combination of rational introspection and repeated practice, you can mold your character over the long term. The three main pillars of stoicism are living in accordance with nature, three-disciplined practices, and the dichotomy of control. Zeno of Citium introduced the Greco-Roman philosophy of stoicism in approximately 300 BCE (modern-day Cyprus). A trader named Zeno arrived in Athens with a few drachmas in his pockets after losing all of his possessions in a shipwreck.



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