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Saturday, February 4, 2023

How Experiencing Combat Shaped This Green Beret Veterans Music | Coffee or Die

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Kiefer Luttrell was on the verge of death when he decided to leave the fight behind. The Green Beret had to endure a lot of hard detours before committing his life to music, according to the Nashville-based American folk performer. He worked a manufacturing job in small-town Kansas when an injury ended his collegiate football career, dropped out of Marine Officer Candidate School, and joined his twin brother in the Army and then the war. Luttrell had to face a box of feelings he’d shoved back into the dark for years after hanging up his uniform in February 2019 and putting behind seven years of duty as an elite soldier. Luttrell has a lot of things to tell and a lot to share with the world, according to American folklore. Luttrell claims that becoming famous isn’t one of his long-term aspirations. He’s content merely to be able to sustain himself as a musician and continue to use songs to make sense of life’s puzzles.

Source: https://coffeeordie.com/keifer-luttrell-green-beret/


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