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Saturday, December 10, 2022

How Can You Build Visibility into a Hybrid Workplace? | HBR

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Visibility into individual work is vital for sustaining team productivity. 

Two-thirds of employees would contemplate job hunting if they were obliged to return to the workplace full time. Many firms are adopting new working methods, but it is not always clear how to provide employees with the freedom they need. Traditional techniques assume that most work is performed in person during regular business hours. Executives, supervisors, and individual contributors all need insight into everyday work to do their duties successfully. However, the sort of visibility they need varies greatly. 

When establishing new rules and social norms for visibility, it is essential to avoid blanket solutions that may be viewed as overreaching or inflexible by the many individuals involved. Data can be precious and provide practical, pertinent insights. However, it may be overwhelming and even deceptive without the proper technique. To comprehend productivity inhibitors such as weariness, distractions, and misalignment in collaborative projects, gathering data on total work time may make the most sense. This method guarantees that you collect just the information necessary to enable leaders, managers, and workers to identify obstacles to productive work. 

To ensure the success of a new strategy to visibility, it is essential to develop and sustain mutual trust. Employers face the danger of exploiting workers without a bare minimum of openness, access, and data-driven action. The most successful leaders go above and beyond this minimum and enable all key stakeholders to participate in improving their processes actively. If companies lack the necessary personnel data visibility, they will lose out on significant chances to give training, streamline processes, and invest in essential new technology. If workers are denied access to all pertinent facts, they may lose faith in their leaders, feel upset by their lack of autonomy, and become less engaged. Today’s leaders confront the challenge of identifying and implementing flexibility and transparency that will empower their people and be most productive for the organization. 

Source: https://hbr.org/2022/06/how-can-you-build-visibility-into-a-hybrid-workplace 


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