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Saturday, February 4, 2023

How can the Marines learn from the Falklands War? | War on The Rocks

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The emergence of great-power competition in the Indo-Pacific has become a top concern for the U.S. Marine Corps. 

Similar to how the commandant anticipates marines operating in the future, British forces in the Falkland Islands deployed in tiny formations across extensive maritime terrain with minimal traditional close air support and rather limited indirect fire support. For the British to be able to maneuver and maintain their logistical support in the South Atlantic, vertical lift planes were essential. However, the new Marine Corps concepts largely do not mention these aircraft. When Argentina’s military dictatorship invaded the Falkland Islands in 1982 after years of claiming sovereignty over the British Overseas Territory, the British were forced to deal with this very issue. There are unsettling similarities between the difficulties surrounding Taiwan’s defense against China and Operation Corporate, the British victory in its long-range, expeditionary operation to retake the Falklands from Argentina. To benefit from the British experience during Operation Corporate, the Marine Corps should implement specific measures. The Marine Littoral Regiment should first take use of vertical lift aviation’s natural flexibility and mobility. Secondly, practical command linkages between ground forces and aviation in scattered operations. Finally, the Marine Corps should keep developing cutting-edge unmanned surface and air platforms while keeping in mind that until new technologies are fully fielded, existing systems must be used.



  1. Remember the Navy will disapprove of course. What’s in it for them ? If the current administration is gone quickly, there is a chance PRC and Czar Pootn will back off.


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