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Friday, December 2, 2022

How a Thai Special Forces Soldier Ended Up in the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes | Military.com

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Owing to his service to the prisoners at Hua Lo, Chaicharn Harnavee’s picture now sits in the Hall of Heroes. 

How a Thai Special Forces Soldier Got into the Hall of Heroes at the Pentagon. There is a unique space inside the Pentagon devoted to honoring the memories and deeds of America’s bravest soldiers. All of the names of the more than 3,400 American soldiers who have been awarded the Medal of Honor are listed in the Hall of Heroes. The chamber, which was dedicated in 1968, also boasts a few unique features, such as a picture of Chaicharn Harnavee, a foreign national. That year, Chaicharn was imprisoned at North Vietnam’s notorious “Hanoi Hilton” prison; he wasn’t the first inmate there, but he would be the last; and along the way, he would save the lives of other American prisoners there.



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