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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

How a Luxury Business Jet Was Transformed Into the World’s Most Sophisticated Spyplane | Robb Report

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The bland white exterior of the Bombardier Challenger 650 hides an interior with server racks, cutting-edge avionics, and computer consoles rather than plush furniture and woodwork. Instead of transporting businesspeople and wealthy people to far-off cities, 

 Instead of listening in on enemy conversations on the battlefield, the idea behind this spy plane enables the military to monitor complex communications from adversarial nation-states from a secure distance. The US Army’s High Accuracy Detection and Exploitation System (HADES), a method for obtaining aerial intelligence, involves the participation of the aircraft. 

Source: https://robbreport.com/motors/aviation/bombardier-challenger-650-spy-plane-1234787903/ 


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