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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Heart-Rate Variability: How You Benefit From It and How To Track It | CNET

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It has never been simpler to monitor your own health indicators at home. Your phone and even your scale can offer a surprising amount of information, even if you don’t have a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. But just as crucial as having the right tools is knowing what to track.

 One crucial health indicator that a lot of people aren’t yet monitoring is heart-rate variability, or the interval between your heartbeats. This measurement, also known as HRV, can provide information about your overall health, stress levels, level of exercise, and much more. It’s more difficult to monitor HRV than your normal heart rate or pulse because not all wearables support it. The Whoop tracker, one of the few wearables that measures HRV, uses it along with a number of other variables to assist determine whether you are sufficiently recovered from your most recent workout to engage in additional training. Pro athletes and endurance trainers are great supporters of the product in part because of these specific metrics. In fact, it wasn’t until I looked at the Whoop band on the business’ website that I actually learned about HRV. For instance, Whoop monitors your HRV, heart rate, activity level, and sleep while using an algorithm to propose training or recuperation strategies. You are in the best possible state to exercise or cope with any form of stress if your HRV is good (larger numbers are better).



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