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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Head of US special ops in Africa likens Wagner Group to ‘terrorist organization’ | Breaking Defense

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International intelligence services have analyzed the Wagner Group’s rogue mercenaries. 

The Wagner Group is a paramilitary group that Western nations fear is a Russian military proxy force. “They bring nothing but volatility and destabilization everywhere they go,” warned Navy Rear Admiral Milton Sands III. Since its founding in 2014, Wagner Group private contractors have been involved in conflicts around the Middle East and Africa. Sands said that the United States is collaborating with African governments to emphasize the dangers of collaborating with groups that would reduce their security. “They see China and Russia differently than we do,” Sands said. 

Source: https://breakingdefense.com/2022/05/head-of-us-special-ops-in-africa-likens-wagner-group-to-terrorist-organization/


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