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Monday, December 5, 2022


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The Iraqi government has no intention of moving the displaced Yazidis to the Shariya camp.

Waheeda Omer and more than 200,000 Yazidis uprooted by the ISIS massacre have no immediate plans to return to Sinjar. In November of 2020, the governments of Iraq and Kurdistan will announce a “historic” deal to assist the repatriation of around 400,000 Yazidis. The agreement stipulated that regular military soldiers and police officials may only patrol Sinjar. All remaining armed organizations will be removed, including the Kurdish military and Iraqi Armed Forces-affiliated militias. According to a recent US Commission on International Religious Freedom assessment, around 80,000 Yazidis have moved from Iraq to neighboring nations.

In Shariya, just one large generator provides power for the whole camp, and inhabitants must pay for the service. Shireen noted that the summers are exceedingly hot, and the winters are bitterly cold, particularly the most recent one. Yazidi organization documented 82 mass graves in Sinjar after the ISIS onslaught. Since 2014, Islamic State has enslaved nearly 6,000 Yazidis, including more than 2,700 women and children. Numerous families are thought to still reside with the families of deceased ISIS soldiers.

Some relatives are in contact with missing survivors who have contacted their captors. Yazidis are starting to doubt attempts to hunt returning Islamic State (ISIS) militants in their home countries. The Yazidis are dissatisfied with the judicial proceedings in Iraq and Syria, where legal system flaws shelter ISIS members from full punishment. Prodeau said that one approach would be to develop a bill to establish a special court that would exclusively prosecute offenses perpetrated by ISIS.

Source: https://www.fairplanet.org/story/haunted-by-genocide-displaced-yazidis-demand-justice/


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