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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Gustavo de Arístegui: “Putin is not going to allow his regime to fall” | Atalayar

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“Putin is not going to allow his regime to fall,” said Gustavo de Arstegui.

Gustavo de Arstegui, a diplomat and international commentator, participated in the most recent episode of “De Cara al Mundo” on Onda Madrid. He examined world events with a particular focus on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is very obvious that the situation is beginning to change significantly as a result of the military assistance provided by numerous Western nations. For instance, due to the need for wartime secrecy, the Ukrainians no longer disclose the number of American missiles they possess because doing so would make it possible for the Russians to roughly estimate their location. The training of Ukrainian forces in nations around the world, like the UK, Germany, the US, Poland, etc., is also crucial. Ukraine has received approximately £3 billion in military assistance from the UK exclusively.



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