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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Getting Workers Back To Work: Now! | Forbes

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The Association for Industrial Foresight & Entrepreneurship (AIFE) encourages ongoing job-seeking activity to continue job growth.

The American Institute for Full Employment asks state governments to hone their job search services and regulations to expedite worker reemployment. John Courtney, a long-serving AIFE President, notes that yesterday’s job openings data indicates that job vacancies reached an all-time high in March. Despite these historically positive figures, approximately 1.5 million job searchers were jobless in March for 27 weeks or more. AIFE’s proposals for returning to work include providing more compelling information, resources, coaching, and motivating claimants via verification of efforts and responsibility. AIFE is affiliated with a spin-off social initiative, NextJob, career development, and outplacement business.

NextJob leverages a countrywide network of career coaches to give frequent hiring input. Even a well-structured job search may take two and three months, if not more. States that initiate intensive job search initiatives during these first two weeks assist qualified claimants in getting off to a great start. In many jurisdictions, the weekly UI job search requirement is lax, forcing people to mainly self-certify that they sought employment. AIFE believes that return-to-work programs using new government funding have potential.

Federal unemployment compensation and other pandemic assistance bolstered the safety net but acted as disincentives to re-enter the labor force. AIFE has presented the Full Employment Award to several states over the last decade, including Utah, Wisconsin, and Nebraska, for their reemployment strategies.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelbernick/2022/05/04/getting-workers-back-to-work-now/?sh=657e6c935b54


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