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Monday, September 26, 2022

Futuristic Belgian F2000 Rifles Have Been Spotted In Ukrainian Hands | The Drive

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Belgian Defense Ministry Confirms Ukrainian Import of F2000 Assault Rifles

Photos have appeared online of F2000 assault weapons in the hands of Ukrainian military personnel. The gun has a compact bullpup configuration, which places the action and chamber behind the trigger and parallel to the shooter’s face. Additionally, the F2000 may be fitted with various modifications to suit the desired mission better.

Ukraine has acquired 10,000 firearms from Belgium, including SCAR-L and FNC assault rifles; however, it is unknown whether they are F2000 assault rifles. The guns look to be F2000 variants in their original configurations; that was also necessary.

Recent incarnations of the weapon built for clients such as Slovenia have noticeably distinct features, which might lend credibility to the idea that Belgium is the supplier. Asia and the Middle East are the only surviving known purchasers of the F2000.

The Ukrainian military is already an ardent supporter of polymer-covered bullpup designs. They also produce a licensed version of Israel’s Tavor dubbed the Fort-221. In addition, there are suspicions of privately sponsored weapons purchases to arm volunteer soldiers. However, it does not seem to matter to Ukrainian militia members in need of small guns, nor is it likely to shortly.

Source: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/futuristic-belgian-f2000-rifles-have-been-spotted-in-ukrainian-hands

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