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Monday, December 5, 2022

From the 1800s to Today: Empowering Veteran Business Owners | Post News Group

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Alex McKindra Jr. is a veteran success story thanks to his years of service in the military and his present work assisting former soldiers in starting their own businesses through JPMorgan Chase’s veteran programs.

Despite the family business’s success, the McKindras never forgot the help they had received or the significance of sharing it with other members of their community and society. His grandpa, father, and brother are just a few of the McKindras who have given their lives to serving in the military and afterwards to their communities once they returned home. Additionally, Alex’s experience is one that only Americans can identify to, making it particularly poignant as we commemorate Veteran’s Day this year. However, as he is the first to confess, his success story is not unique; it has a lengthy history that can be traced back through his family’s generations in the little community of Union Chapel, Arkansas. Reuben Frank McKindra, Alex’s great-great grandpa, relocated his family to Union Chapel in the late 1800s. The town had been founded by slaves who had been emancipated. Alex did not want the story of his family to conclude with a successful business venture. He wished to assist individuals who, like his great-great-grandfather Reuben, had risked their lives in service to the nation and were now attempting to establish a life in the community.



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