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Friday, December 2, 2022

Freelancers Reveal The Best And Worst Sides Of Working For Themselves | Zenger

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The top three benefits of freelancing, according to a survey of 2,000 freelancers, are having the freedom to choose the projects they work on (43%), having flexible hours (41%) and being their own boss (40%).

The respondents listed scheduling difficulties as their main aggravation (42%), followed by clients that don’t always pay or pay on time (40%) and having to pay for health benefits (38%). According to the research done by OnePoll for Everly, LLC, 52% of freelancers anticipate to continue working in the gig economy rather than in traditional professions until they retire. The typical freelancer plans to retire at age 58 and estimates that they will require $353,063 for their retirement. Currently, freelancers prioritize life insurance (37%) and mental health leave (42%), compared to automobile purchases or rentals (27%) and travel (25%). Seven out of ten respondents (70%) claimed that as they grew older, their financial aspirations had altered



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