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Monday, December 5, 2022

France’s strategy in the Sahel | GIS Report

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The French Army launched Operation Barkhane in 2014. France is currently engulfed in the Sahel, where tribes and ethnic groupings are gaining ground on governments. The current situation of French African diplomacy is the polar reverse of its founding goals: it is more militaristic than ever before. The French presence, which was first centered on community assistance, is now geared toward the battle against extremism. The French military involvement in West Africa is critical to France’s plan to play an international role. However, in the face of rising geopolitical, financial, theological, and cultural problems, France would be wise to focus all of its efforts on defense and abandon its “politico-humanitarian” tendencies.

Source: https://www.gisreportsonline.com/r/france-military-sahel/


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