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Friday, December 9, 2022

Force Design 2030: Transforming to Irrelevance | National Interest

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It has become evident that the creators, supporters, and detractors of Force Design (FD) 2030 have very different visions of the future global security environment as the United States Marine Corps works to organize, train, and equip itself to deal with existing and emerging twenty-first century security challenges.

Defense analyst Dakota Wood recently weighed in on the discussion with his piece, “The U.S. Wood, a supporter of the FD 2030 efforts, asserts that the planned organizational, doctrinal, and technology changes are required for the Marine Corps to sustain its relevance by creating distinctive capabilities that will set it apart from the Army and the special operations community. The creators and supporters of FD 2030 are self-assured that they alone are capable of understanding military theory, history, technical developments, and the state of international security. Furthermore, they believe they have the complete clarity to apply them to a future organization created to battle and triumph as a combined force against a peer rival, China, in the South China Sea and First Island Chain, according to a historical first. They neither seek nor desire opposing points of view in an open discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the FD 2030.



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