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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Food for Life by Tim Spector review – the science of eating well | The Guardian

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The co-founder of the ZOE nutrition research and epidemiologist Tim Spector wants to alter how people view food. 

His 2015 book The Diet Myth made the concept that each of us has a distinct and ever-changing gut microbiota that is essential to our health widely accepted. In 2020, Spoon-Fed exposed false information about diets. Over 500 pages long Food for Life overlaps these yet provides more information than previously. It attempts to encourage people to consider food for “our personal health, the health of our community, and the health of the world.” It is intricate, difficult to digest, and definitely healthy for us, similar to a large serving of fibrous veggies with the right amount of spices. Much of it appears to be simple sense once you understand that the microorganisms in our guts require a varied diet in order to metabolize the food that keeps us healthy. You stay healthy by eating a variety of plants; 30 servings a week of seeds, nuts, herbs, and spices is excellent. A “heady, seductive mix” known as “ultra-processed foods” (UPFs) is undesirable because it makes us “fatter yet less fed.” Any product that calls itself a “superfood” is likely a scam.



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