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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Finnish study shows one significant way to improve children’s health | Aleteia

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Make sure your children spend more time in and among plants and trees if you want them to develop a stronger resistance to disease. 

When daycare workers in Finland “rolled out a lawn, planted forest undergrowth (such as dwarf heather and blueberries), and allowed children to care for crops in planter boxes,” something fascinating transpired: the microbes on the kids’ skin and in their gastrointestinal tract improved in a very short amount of time. This “supports the hypothesis that exposure to nature protects immune system illnesses such autoimmune diseases and allergies,” This implies that a child doesn’t necessarily need to be playing outside in nature to reap these benefits; instead, “greening” the areas where kids spend time, wherever those areas may be, could have a big positive effect on their immune systems. Families should consider how much time their children spend in green places if they wish to help their children develop better immune systems. 

Source: https://aleteia.org/2022/12/17/finnish-study-shows-significant-way-to-improve-childrens-health/  


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