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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Expert Reveals How To Get Healthy Work-life Balance | Zenger

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According to experts, maintaining a healthy work-life balance can involve deleting work apps, switching up your wardrobe, and employing new fragrances.


The removal of work apps, wearing different clothes, and utilizing various perfumes are some tips offered by a work stress and prevention expert for achieving a healthy work-life balance. Nina holds a master’s degree in management from the University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.The greatest techniques to establish a healthy work-life balance, according to 28-year-old Nina Nesdoly, include consuming separate beverages for work and for leisure to distinguish between the two. She emphasized how important it is for workers to leave their work at the office. According to the expert, for people to be able to separate their personal lives from their professional lives, they must use sensory signals, such as the sort of tea they are drinking, the lighting in the rooms, and the clothes they wear both at home and at work.


Source: https://www.zenger.news/2022/10/11/expert-reveals-how-to-get-healthy-work-life-balance/ 


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