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Friday, December 2, 2022

Exclusive: Inside the ongoing ‘evolution’ of Army special operations | Army Times

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The three lightning strikes, in accordance with Army heraldic experts, stand for the elite soldiers’ capacity to “attack swiftly by air, water, or land.”

The Army’s Special Forces groups had their own distinctive patch since Capt. John W. Fry of the 77th Special Forces Group allegedly presented a design in 1955 that he believed highlighted the new troops’ all-domain mission. The current Chief Special Operations Officer believes that the “modern day” deterrent trifecta of space, cyber, and special operations—which senior officials recently unveiled—shares similarities with the original all-domain idea that was first proposed about 70 years ago. Gen. James Dickinson, the Senior Space Officer, coined the term “influence triad,” when he revealed the idea in August. The nuclear trio is meant to be complemented by the influence triad. The influence triad is intended to prevent and help respond to irregular behavior that stops short of armed confrontation and then dominate enemies in those domains when a war begins, as the nuclear triad deters a foe’s strategic forces, including intercontinental ballistic missiles to put it into practice, Army Special Operations Command is considering force structure modifications at every level, new career areas focused on technology, and fresh approaches to use talent currently present in the Army’s reserve components as well as the general populace.



  1. The whole point of “Special” Forces is that it is small….and people without the need to know…don’t. I know times and equipment/technology changes but the more Big Army gets into SF Business the less Special they become.

  2. I’m 62 years old now too old to go serve in the army again but concerns me is everyone is getting soft depending on technology I believe the soldier should be trained and hand-to-hand live in the mud if you can face the worst you can survive it may get to the point where it’s nothing but hand-to-hand and technology will be who can shoot the straightest


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