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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Encore: Navy SEALS amend their grueling training regimen after a recruit’s death | NPR

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The notoriously demanding basic training for Navy SEALs has undergone revisions in response to criticism following the death of a student in February.  

His mother, Regina Mullen, claims that since his passing, she has experienced her own personal hell in an effort to learn the truth. Mullen was being watched over by other recruits after being left in the barracks. According to a recent Navy investigation, Mullen’s symptoms got so bad that no one even thought to test him for pneumonia. Other adjustments being made by SEALs include more thorough medical checks before training. The military ought to establish a more impartial procedure that will free the Navy from conducting death investigations. The SEALs are also anticipated to investigate student use of performance-improving substances in the public eye. 

Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/12/20/1144496026/encore-navy-seals-amend-their-grueling-training-regimen-after-a-recruits-death 


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