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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Elite Russian Units Take Up to 40 Percent Casualties in Ukraine: Official | Newsweek

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Russia’s elite military units stationed along NATO borders have suffered 30-40% casualties in Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, according to European defense officials, while experienced units were replaced by recently mobilized reserve forces. 

 NATO defense and intelligence officials closely monitor the performance and fate of key Russian forces. European defense officials say a group deployed to Ukraine from three Russian units near the borders of Estonia and Latvia has reduced from one-third of its original personnel since the invasion began in February. Revealed to have lost 1/2. NATO defense and intelligence services closely monitor the performance and circumstances of key Russian forces. Members of the 76th Corps were in charge of a “cleansing operation” in Bucha, Moscow continues to deny that well-documented atrocities were committed in the occupied territories. 



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