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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Elite British SAS Soldier’s Action-Packed Account Of The Falklands War | The Drive

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1982 marked the conclusion of the Falklands War with the absolute surrender of Argentine troops to the British. On the occasion of the battle’s 40th anniversary, many have reflected on the ten-week combat waged in the South Atlantic. During the Falklands War, the SAS inserted reconnaissance teams ahead of regular British troops into the still-occupied islands. To avoid Argentine radar, they used Sea Kings to enter and exit under cover of night and as low as feasible.

The SAS had its special-issue equipment; Instead of the conventional 7.62mm Self-Loading Rifle or SLR, the SAS had equipped with the 5.56mm M16/AR-15. Splash participated in Attempt Paraquet, the British operation to recover South Georgia from the Argentines. In whiteout circumstances, two troop-carrying Wessex Mk 5 helicopters were destroyed. ‘It was a marvel that the flailing blades did not shatter the cab while we were inside, but the ice and snow functioned as a shock-absorbing energy dampener. If the helicopter had collided with a hard surface or rock, the blades would have snapped back, and the twisted metal would have sliced us to pieces.’ The SAS soldiers were then airlifted back from the glacier with the assistance of a Royal Navy crew flying a Wessex Mk 3 anti-submarine aircraft from HMS Antrim.

The May 15 Pebble Island attack was D Squadron’s most notable operation. On Pebble Island, the SAS destroyed six Pucaras and five T-34 Turbo-Mentors from the Argentine Air Force. An IED wounded one British soldier, but all returned safely to the aircraft ship HMS Hermes before dawn.

Source: https://thedrive.com/the-war-zone/elite-british-sas-soldiers-action-packed-account-of-the-falklands-war


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